Growing up in a lush environment like Oregon, I found myself constantly drawn to nature, and the diverse ecologies to be found in this great state. In high school I studied biology and other life sciences; I remained forever amazed at the wonders to be found there. With a solid background in science and a proclivity for modern computers and technology, I continued to expand my horizons in Baltimore, Maryland where I studied fine art and design. I acquired a wide range of techniques in a variety of mediums, and received my Bachelors of Fine Art in Fibers in 2005.

While at school I became enamored of several hand-fabrication techniques such as weaving, sewing, and resist-dying. But amid my more obsessive-compulsive tendencies I re-discovered my love of technology. I had found fractals. This lead to a flurry of exploration involving computer-generated images, iterative drawings and sculptures, and a host of other processes. I saw fractals everywhere, and I wanted to show the world what I was seeing.

Today I am a print artist, selling my fractal designs on line & in various shops in the Portland area (including OMSI!). But I continue to explore this fascinating subject through all manner of techniques and materials, be it hand-stitched fabric, sketches of geometric patterns, fractal trees made of wrapped yarn, or a fiberglass representation of my family tree. There is no limit to what you can do in a medium whose ultimate expression is infinity.


As an artist I am inspired by the beautiful complexities of nature. Its endless array of patterns & textures, when examined closely, reveal the eloquent simplicity, and economy of form, that surpasses any human design. Forms that arrive through the universal constants of growth & evolution.

Like nature, my work uses a variety of generative processes. I explore the endless possibilities of form that can be derived from simple patterns & formulas. Sometimes that means a drawing or sculpture created using systems of my own devising. Or sometimes it's images of infinite depth & detail that emerge, with the help of computer, from mathematical formulas. The underlying process is the same: creating complexity & diversity through pattern & repetition.

I enjoy the dichotomy of the material vs. the ephemeral. For me, it's less about the materials that I'm using than it is about the process. Whether the result is a digital piece created on the computer or an object you can hold in your hand. I'm looking for that certain organic quality. People often mistake my work for one medium or another, and that's OK. What is most interesting to me is that moment of clarity – when the object reveals it's true nature...



Maryland Institute College of Art - Baltimore, MD
BFA in Fibers, 2001-2005


Dean’s List - 2001-2005
Returning Student’s Scholarship - 2002, 2004
MICA Talent Grant - 2001-2004


Created and Moderated “Seeing Science, Seeing Art” - April 2005
A panel discussion exploring the connections between/uses of science and art in public learning spaces. Panelists included: Roberta Cooks (Head of Exhibitions, Maryland Science Center, Baltimore) & Laura Lindgren (Photographer, Mutter Museum, Philadelphia)


Infinite Creature Designs - 2007-Present
Artist/Sole Proprietor - design, production & sales of original artwork, website and graphic design, implementation and management of on-line storefront, customer service, inventory management & accounting

Launch Pad Gallery - 2006-Present
Administrative Director (unpaid) – facilitating the creation & installation of monthly exhibitions by coordinating with curators, artists & volunteers, assisting with installation, setup & cleaning for gallery events, attending to gallery & visitors during business hours, maintaining gallery mailing list and social media sites


Port of Portland – April-September 2011, solo exhibition, Portland International Airport

“22nd Annual Art Evening & Auction“ - April 2011, juried exhibition, Cascade AIDS Project, Portland, OR

“6th annual Portland Love Show” – Feb 2011, group exhibition, Gallery Homeland, Portland, OR

First Thursday at Portland Photo Studio – Nov 2010, solo exhibition, Portland Photo Studio, Portland, OR

First Thursday at Atrium Gallery – Oct 2010, group exhibition, The Purest Cafe, Portland, OR

Azu – July 2010-Present, works on consignment, Bend, OR

First Thursday at Coeur:Art – June 2010, group exhibition (featured artist), Coeur:Art Gallery, Portland, OR

“Evolve” - May 2010, solo exhibition, The Darras Gallery, Portland, OR

“21st Annual Art Evening & Auction“ - May 2010, juried exhibition, Cascade AIDS Project, Portland, OR

“Rainy Day Wildfire” - March 2010, group exhibition, Portland City Art 1 Year Anniversary Show, Olympic Mills Commerce Center, Portland, OR

The Art Gallery – March-January 2010, works on consignment, Vancouver, WA

Babes in the Woods Gallery - March 2010-Present, works on consignment, Girdwood, AK

“Love Show 2010” - Feb/Mar 2010, group exhibition, Launch Pad Gallery & Portland City Art, Olympic Mills Commerce Center, Portland, OR

First Thursday at Bank of America - Nov/Dec 2009, solo exhibition, Pearl District, Portland, OR

“Family” - October 2009, group exhibition, Launch Pad Gallery, Portland, OR

“Love Show 2009” - Feb/Mar 2009, group exhibition, Launch Pad Gallery, Olympic Mills Commerce Center, Portland, OR

First Thursday at Blondie! A Salon - January 2008, solo exhibition, Portland, OR

First Friday at Watershed PDX - December 2007, group exhibition, Portland, OR

A'kasha: The Fifth Element - November 2007-Present, works on consignment, Beaverton, OR

"Artist of the Month" - October 2007, solo exhibition, Frame Central, Portland, OR

"Snap to Grid" - Sept/Oct 2007, group exhibition, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, CA
"Secrets" - September 2007, group exhibition, Launch Pad Gallery, Portland, OR

Anne Bocci Boutique & Gallery - June 2007, works on consignment, Portland, OR

Bella Perla Gallery - April 2007, works on consignment, Portland, OR

“The Love Show” - Feb/Mar 2007, group exhibition, Launch Pad Gallery, Portland, OR

"4 x 4 Art Show" - Feb/Mar 2006, group exhibition, Collage, Portland, OR

“Elements of Landscape” - Feb/Mar 2006, group exhibition, Studio Gallery 27, Steamboat Springs, CO

Projekt30 - Monthly online juried exhibitions, www.projekt30.com
January, 2006
February, 2006
June, 2006
July, 2006
August, 2006
March, 2007
May, 2007
November, 2007
December, 2007
January, 2008
May, 2008
August, 2010

“Elegant” - Dec 2005/Feb 2006, group exhibition, The Park School, MD
Art on Purpose project about the relationship between math & art

“First Tuesday” - Nov/Dec 2005, group exhibition, Carnegie ART Center, OR

“Pieces of Infinity” - April 2005, solo exhibition, MICA

“Commencement 2005 Exhibition” - May 2005, Installation/group exhibition, MICA


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Steamboat Today: 4 Points, February 10th 2006 - “Landscapes of Color” pg. 9, Elements of Landscape exhibition (and cover image)

Juxtapositions May-June 2005 issue (MICA Publication) - image on inside cover (top right)